Bali - Magical, Mystical and Free

Bali - Magical, Mystical and Free

October 27, 2018

As you may already know, Poème Clothing's designs are beautiful and inspirational. The magic behind this inspiration comes from the incredible island of Bali located in Indonesia. Nicknamed the “Island of the Gods” one can imagine how this enchanting place got its namesake. For many, this island offers an escape and it is easy to see why Bali has become such a popular destination over the last few decades. It offers many riches from beautiful natural wonders and breathtaking private villas, to cultural city centers and nightlife. Bali has something for everyone.

The experience of the island of Bali is life changing; one so rich that it has led us to weave this into our line of clothing. We work in harmony with the land and locals of Bali to provide unique, thoughtful pieces for our brand. The island of Bali itself is mysterious, wild and free. To some, the hustle and bustle of motorbikes seems chaotic and lawless. Once you get into the daily rhythm, however, you find the peace of the land and culture. You grow comfortable smelling the incense from daily offerings, the loud noise of traffic, and the hubbub of the local markets. The rhythm of Bali is intoxicating.

Beyond the busier centers, the landscape of Bali is vast and dreamy. From the mountains to the coast, you get a taste of almost everything. The island offers various temperatures whether you are in the mountains, or in the south. The rich, moist jungle air can be felt no matter where you are located. There is a certain kind of magic in the Bali air that is easily captured in every breath. The vibrant emerald green of the trees and rice fields go on for miles and are captivating. All of the patterns of Bali are richly woven together, easily influencing our creation of new and exciting designs for Poème. In addition to lush foliage, the coast offers relaxing beaches, world-class surf, and excellent opportunities for snorkelers and divers. Add the bright, bold colors found here, the openness of the landscape and people and you will see why we draw our inspiration from this exquisite island.

The island of Bali is a magical place that offers retreat, stillness, or activity. It is an escape and a wondrous location to find adventure. For example, there is a reason it is one of the most popular destinations for yoga retreats and spiritual excursions. We love to share our experience of this spectacular island; it is the heart and soul behind Poème’s identity. We hope that Bali's enchantment translates to how you feel when wearing our clothing: magical, free, wild, and beautiful.

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