Fair Trade Clothing Brands We Love

Support is a powerful and beautiful thing. It’s the backbone for a healthy and happy planet; the boost we need when we feel like giving up.  As a small business, we continually benefit from the help and support our wonderful community provides, as well as that of our customers, family, and closest friends. In trying times, there’s no denying that support is more important than ever.  

At Poème, we are proud to support clothing brands that are fair trade. That’s why we’re big fans of tonlé and Hiptipico. Both are women-run fashion brands that celebrate femininity and empower women.  

One of the main things we love about these brands is that they reflect the practices of ethically-made goods and sustainability. In a world that is driven by consumerism, the fast fashion trend has become a growing concern for the safety of our planet.  Sweatshops around the world are mass-producing clothing at the expense of laborers, who are often underpaid and overworked. There is often little concern for the textiles used or the environmental impact of production.  

While it’s easy to point fingers, the truth is, each and every one of us has a part to play in protecting our earth and ecosystems — which is why we’re thrilled that clothing brands like tonlé and Hiptipico share our belief in promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental footprint of fashion as much as possible. 

You can join us in making a difference. How you shop matters. In fact, whenever you buy a piece of clothing, you have the power to add your voice to the chorus of those choosing empowerment and sustainability, over exploitation and environmental disregard.  

We want to positively change the way people shop by encouraging our customers to practice conscious shopping. This means supporting fair trade clothing brands and considering the environmental and societal impacts of your favourite shops.  

Choose clothing brands that use eco-friendly textiles such as linen, bamboo, tencel, hemp, and organic cotton. Consider where your clothes were made, who made them, and under what conditions. 

With the growing greenwashing phenomenon, this might require some research on the part of the consumer, but it’s a small price to pay for a big impact.  When you choose to shop responsibly, you are giving a voice to artisans, designers, and workers across the globe.  When you’re mindful of the fabrics used to make your clothes, you are joining us in protecting the earth and ecosystems.  

tonlé and Hiptipico share our belief in ethically made women’s clothing. We support small artisans and their handmade creations, recognizing the beauty of tradition and expression. We believe in empowerment, not exploitation. That’s why we’re committed to helping our family of employees thrive and dedicated to giving them a voice.

From women to women, let’s continue to support each other, empower one another, and celebrate our bodies. Let’s continue to listen to each other, cheer on our successes, and lift each other up when needed. 

From maker to wearer, we’re all in this together.