Her Style - The Juliette Jumpsuit

Her Style - The Juliette Jumpsuit

June 21, 2018

Poème is an inspired brand that encompasses the freedom and voice of what it means to be a woman in today's modern world. Our latest collection features pieces with versatility to dress up or down, for a casual morning at home or a night out on the town. Our clothing is created for a woman to express exactly what her style is and what makes her unique.

Our Juliette Jumpsuit is a romantic staple piece that gives wearers the freedom to throw on something that is stylish yet comfortable. With pockets and a feminine touch, the Juliette is equal parts utility and fashion. Whether lounging at home, heading downtown or adventuring in a faraway land, our jumpsuit is an essential go-to piece. The relaxed, lived-in fit is great for every day wear but still feels tailored enough to glam up. The lightweight fabric also makes for a  convenient travel piece that packs easily into your suitcase.

We love deciding which pieces to produce for each new collection. We’re equally inspired to see the many ways our pieces are styled by our customers. The Juliette jumpsuit comes in different fabrics providing choices that aligns with ones personality and wardrobe. It is inspiring for us to see how one clothing item can be so diverse among different wearers.

Kiana Bourne’s carefree island style shines through in her floral Juliette Jumpsuit. Channeling the energy of the Hawaiian islands, she has managed to style herself both cute and casual to match her surroundings. Her style is conveyed through a relaxed, carefree vibe by layering a comfortable t-shirt underneath her jumpsuit. To balance it out, she has added her own special touch with colorful sandals and bright accessories. 

Our Juliette jumpsuit also comes in a funky, stylish Indigo print. Eleni Tsapas, from The Style Latte in Vancouver, embraces a more urban look to adapt to her city surroundings. Paired with a black leather jacket and black ankle boots, she is ready to take on the city in style and comfort. Again, this shows our clothing can be worn by women everywhere as a way to embody their own individual style.

Our pieces genuinely transcend every day and are universal, allowing women everywhere to wear them in many different ways. This is at the heart of our brand’s identity.

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