Taking Poème’s Pieces Into The Changing Seasons

Taking Poème’s Pieces Into The Changing Seasons

December 17, 2018

As the colder temperatures approach in the northern hemisphere, you can continue to feel graceful and stylish while being well prepared for the changing weather. We know that seasons, like destinations, are all about how you embrace your surroundings. We create our clothing with a relaxed, bohemian, lived-in feel which makes them easy to style for multiple occasions. Crisp days and chilly nights don’t have to change your style, and there are ways you can wear Poème’s most iconic looks all winter long.

Classics - Once the brisk days start giving way to even colder nights, it's time to break out the classic cold-weather staples: hats, boots, and stylish jackets. A well-tailored jacket, stylish boots and the right mix of accessories are what dressing well in the winter is all about. Our Joey jumpsuit transitions seamlessly with the addition of a few great accessories. For a chic winter look, we suggest a wide brim wool hat, comfortable boots, and a stylish jacket. Adding warm accessories is a great way to take your look into the changing season.

Layers - In addition to accessories, another great way to style our pieces in the coming months is by layering them with your favorite leggings, sweaters, and scarves. On those days when it's feeling colder, keeping your spirit light by staying warm allows you to enjoy the season while embodying your unique style. Adding your favorite leggings or tights underneath one of our pieces like the Stevie maxi skirt lets you stay warm while continuing to enjoy your favorite piece of clothing. You can also layer a cute denim jacket which is laid back and also comfortable and warm. Denim pairs well with almost everything from our jumpsuits to tops, and is easily dressed up or down depending on your day’s adventures.

Western Inspired Wear - Another seasonal style that's both trendy and classic is the return of western-inspired clothes and accessories. Adding small touches to your outfit takes Poème's pieces into earthy winter days with early evening golden sunsets. We love the simplicity and humbleness of the winter months, and down to earth style inspired by western accessories. One great way to style Poème is the layered look of our Stevie maxi skirt paired nicely with the Savannah wrap top. You can add a western style jacket, boots, some turquoise jewelry, and a chic, structured hat. You can readily embrace the chilly weather by staying true to your style. Poème's simple and elegant pieces lend themselves to go from one place to another, and one season to another. This notion reflects the freedom behind our brand.

Here is our Joey jumpsuit paired with our Savannah wrap top for that extra layer.



Here is our Stevie maxi and Savannah wrap top accessorized with a warm over-sized coat and stylish wool hat.


And here is our Savannah wrap top paired with denim.

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