The Future of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion

Once again, technology is reshaping fashion and transforming the industry. In this day and age where digitalization is more prominent than ever, it’s hardly surprising that fashion artificial intelligence (AI) is playing an ever increasing role. 

Over the years, brands have used AI to their advantage by using it to forecast trends, analyze data, and ultimately enhance customers shopping experience to boost their sales. You may have already noticed how AI is affecting your own shopping experience. Whether you shop online or in store, chatbots and touchscreen are being used to customize product suggestions and help match you with the right products. AI accomplishes this by using algorithms to track your shopping journey and improve your experience by recommending suitable items. 

But perhaps no area has benefited more from AI than supply chain management. The ability to track real-time inventory has led to more efficient warehouse management and operations. Thanks to AI, companies are able to cut the logistic supply and reduce shipping costs. They can also improve routes and ensure faster delivery by using AI to find alternate routes when unforeseen circumstances, such as inclimate weather, accidents, or road construction, delay the journey. 

In an industry where trends change incredibly fast, AI has greatly improved trend forecasting. While in the past, forecasting relied on observation and data collection from fashion designers, trend spotters and influencers to predict the future, AI uses algorithms to detect trends and recommend popular styles. This greatly reduces forecasting error. It can also apply image recognition technology to social media pictures in order to analyze popular shapes, prints, colors, and fabrics and help determine what will sell well. 

AI is useful in helping shoppers find clothing that goes well with their body type and personal style. In fact, AI makes finding the perfect outfit easy. It truly seems as though AI knows no limits: in some retail stores, you simply have to scan an item’s barcode and the virtual garments are then reflected onto the mirror you’re standing in front of! 

Finally, AI also helps you find product when shopping online by creating recommendations based on your budget, color preferences, and other factors. It’s extremely helpful in filtering down the multitude of choices, recommending products you’d like based on your search history. 

Although there are so many uncertain things in the world right now, there is one thing we can expect as we head into the future: artificial intelligence in fashion will continue to redefine the way we shop and interact with clothing brands.