This Valentine's Day Write your Own Love Poem

This Valentine's Day Write your Own Love Poem

February 07, 2019

Valentine’s Day is approaching, love is in the air; it is a reminder to focus on the most important relationship in your life - the one you have with yourself!

Take notice of the little everyday moments this month that you might otherwise skip over. These are the biggest opportunities for you to romance yourself.

Drinking your morning coffee can become a meditation as you allow the heat and rich vigor to spread through your body. Picking out your clothes for the day can become an act of adornment as you choose pieces that make you feel beautiful, alight, and vibrant.

Driving to work can become an adventure as you decide on a route you’ve never taken, or open your eyes to observe the many beautiful things on your way. Strolling through the grocery store is an opportunity to choose the foods that nourish you deeply and bring a joy of sensations to your taste buds.

By romanticizing and even loving these small moments with yourself, you begin to appreciate what makes your life beautiful.

We believe that the clothes we wear are an extension of the love we give ourselves. A piece from our collection that we feel encapsulates the romantic spirit of this month is our Romy Wrap Dress.

It is free-spirited, feminine and designed to celebrate a woman’s figure. The colorful florals remind us of the imminent spring, the soft fabric provides a gentle nudge to continue to make moments of love and pleasure for ourselves.

We designed this dress to be worn day or night effortlessly and in many different aspects of your daily life. This is perfect for Valentine’s day. Valentine’s is all about the romantic, and the Romy wrap dress expresses this flawlessly.

So this year, be your own Valentine and treat yourself to something as beautiful, feminine and lovely as you.

Writing your love poem, story, and truth every day is what lets you celebrate yourself and live poetically.

This Valentine’s Day ask yourself…

How does your truth feel?

How does your authentic self look?

How would you write a love poem to yourself?

XO, Poème

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