Why We Love Linen in Fashion

Why We Love Linen in Fashion

Smooth, comfortable, and cool to the touch, it’s no wonder that linen has solidified its place in the world of fashion. Even when used in the most casual of styles, linen’s superb quality gives its garments a naturally luxurious feel that exudes elegance and effortless simplicity.  

History of Linen

The history of linen goes back thousands of years, making linen one of the oldest textiles in the world. In fact, there is evidence that woven linen fabrics were used 34,000 years ago in the Republic of Georgia located at the intersection of Europe and Asia. Even ancient Egyptians used linen for mummification and for burial shrouds believing it symbolized light, purity, and wealth.  

As civilization began to cultivate the land, people began to grow flax and fashion was forever transformed. The flax plant is native to many places - from India to Northern Africa to Western Europe — making linen popular in cultures all over the world. 

Linen vs. Cotton

Linen and cotton both come from natural plant fibers and are renowned for their comfort and softness. When it comes to touch, however, linen feels slightly thicker and stronger than cotton. This makes linen very durable, allowing it to withstand many washing cycles. It also means that your favorite linen dress is sure to last you a long time, unlike its cotton counterpart which tends to lose its shape and become threadbare after repeated washing.  

Lightweight and quick to dry, linen clothes are an excellent choice for traveling. Their charming creases and crumples eliminate the need for ironing. Thanks to their natural moisture-wicking ability, linen will also keep you cool on warm nights and cozy on cold nights.  

Perhaps most importantly of all, linen’s natural fibers are better for the environment. Compared to cotton, linen is a more sustainable option, as the flax plant requires far less water than the cotton plant to produce the same amount of fabric. Linen can be processed without the use of chemicals and when untreated it is fully biodegradable — which is great news for our planet.  

The Perfect Linen Dress for Women

Effortlessly soft and breezy, our linen Daria Dress embodies elegance and feminine charm. This is an ideal piece to take with you on your next vacation, its natural creases will allow you more time to chase sunshine and adventure instead of fussing with ironing. This dress has a corset-style fitted top and flowing bottom, it features pockets and comes fully lined. Also available in white and coral. 


Our Delphine Linen Romper combines comfort and style, creating the perfect addition for your summer wardrobe. Your skin will love its natural softness and breathable, lightweight fabric that’s sure to keep you cool on hot summer days. Featuring a fitted top and pockets, it’s sure to maintain its quality and shape, no matter how many times you wash it.  

Our Penelope Skirt is extremely versatile. Pair it with boots during winter and in the warmer months, style it with our Theodora Bustier. Offering a touch of refinement and femininity, your skin will adore the softness and unmatched quality of the fabric. 

Last but not least is our soft and breezy Everly Dress.  Lending an air of simple elegance, it’s perfect for pairing with your favorite heels for a night out on the town or with a pair of sandals for casual, everyday wear.  Made with 100% sustainable linen, it’s natural moisture-wicking properties are sure to keep you comfortable during the warmer months. 





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