Your Guide on Moving to a Sustainable Wardrobe

Looking to transition towards a more sustainable wardrobe? In this post, we’ll provide simple steps you can take and changes you can make to promote a happier planet. While these suggestions may seem like small steps, the positive impacts they have on our environment can be huge.

Don’t Throw Away Clothes

When purging your closet, it might be tempting to toss away clothing you no longer wear. This is not as helpful as it seems, as it simply takes the clothes from your bedroom to a landfill. If your clothing was made with synthetic fibers, they can take years to decompose. 

A more sustainable alternative is to donate gently worn clothing to your local thrift store or consider having a clothing swap with friends. You could also repurpose your clothing into a household item or another clothing piece. 

Shop with Intention

We love shopping as much as anyone, but we’ve definitely adopted a more conscious mindset when it comes to our purchasing habits. This means staying clear from fast fashion and instead choosing quality pieces that have longevity. 

You can find unique, one-of-a-kind garments by shopping at locally owned boutiques who work with small artisans and local designers instead of big chains. 

Sustainable Wardrobe Essentials

At Poème, we create clothing that is both sustainable and stylish. All of our garments are ethically sourced and thoughtfully made so that they not only look good but serve a larger purpose. We’re proud to offer you fashion that suits your needs and can be worn all year round. Here are some of our favorites: 

Joey Jumpsuit - No matter the season, there’s always a time and place for this versatile jumpsuit. Soft to the touch and made with silky light-weight fabric, there’s no doubt you’ll look and feel great in it.

Keandra Dress - Whether you have a Zoom Christmas party or garden party to attend, you’ll look stunning in this romantic Keandra dress. Its removable sash and alluring V-neck give it a touch of irresistible sophistication. Plus, how can you not love its beautiful emerald color!  

Everly Dress -  This simple yet elegant dress is truly timeless. Featuring adjustable straps and convenient pockets, it’s the perfect flowy outfit for both day and night.

Choose Eco-Friendly and Ethical Brands

Where you shop matters. Unfortunately, in today's modern world many fashion brands exploit the lives of laborers and engage in harmful practices that damage our environment and pollute our oceans.

While fast fashion continues to produce new products at cheap prices, the reality is that these garments often come at the cost of the lives of laborers who are likely underpaid and overworked. In addition, the chemicals or pesticides used to mass produce these goods can damage our water supplies and pollute our air. 

At Poème, we consider our employees as extended family members and we use eco-friendly fabrics that support our earth and ecosystems. 

We want to thank you for doing your part to honor our precious planet. Remember, there is no such thing as perfect sustainability but every little bit counts. Whether you decide to thrift shop with your friends, repurpose old clothes, or shop at brands that you know practice fair trade and sustainability, you truly are making a difference.