Our Philosophy

At Poeme, we believe every woman is uniquely beautiful. We also believe every woman is worthy of freedom, choices and opportunities.

Our purpose is to create artisan-crafted, ethical fashion that empowers the women who wear it to express their individuality, while helping those who craft it to build a better future.

We are committed to creating awareness around issues in the fashion industry, supporting women to bring more mindfulness to everyday choices.

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who makes your clothes

Our People

We collaborate with amazing artisans and ensure they always feel valued and safe.

We work directly with a small, family-run factory in Bali that has been around for more than 40 years. Its skilled artisans receive generous wages and benefits, and work eight-hour days in a happy environment. Our aim is to enlist gifted people in the fashion revolution, but also to break generational poverty and support sustainable development.

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how we make your clothes

Our Process

Our made-to-order process engages makers and wearers in a creative conversation.

Our production process starts with you: We create garments as they are ordered and not a moment before. A skilled artisan crafts each piece to express the wearer’s unique style for years to come. This model allows us to pay fairly for good quality and offer personalized service while avoiding the wastefulness and ecological impact of overproduction.

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what is in your clothes

Our Fabrics

Our fabrics are made from natural fibers that are kinder to our planet and health.

Breathable, natural textiles support human health and are less harmful to Earth. As we reach for our vision of pure organic fabrics, we shrink our footprint by holding limited stock, sourced in the same region as our factory. Striking a balance between cost and quality allows us to offer affordable pieces that will be part of your story for years.

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Our Inspiration

bali, the island of gods

From our creative vision to the hands that thoughtfully craft cloth into garments, Poème is infused with the essence of Bali. We find endless design inspiration in its rich patterns, bold colors, and organic textures.

But the island's spirit is what keeps us spellbound.

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